NetNewsWire for iPhone 2.0.1 - crash bug fix

NetNewsWire for iPhone iconBoth NetNewsWire free (iTunes link) and NetNewsWire Premium (iTunes link) have updates on the App Store.

These releases have just one change — the by-far-most-common crashing bug has been fixed. It was just a two-line change (followed by 12 days of App Store review).

We’re working on 2.0.2, of course, with more bug and performance fixes. There are also new features en route, though bug and performance fixes have top priority.

Important thing to know: the introductory $1.99 (USD) price for NetNewsWire Premium will go up to $4.99 in just under a week. I’m reminding you now so it doesn’t come as a surprise later: I do not want you to miss the lower price if you’re planning to buy.

17 Oct 2009


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