Nick Bradbury interviewed about FeedDemon

FeedDemon icon plus demonic hand with long fingernailsIn the Shooting at Bubbles interview, Nick talks about RSS, his newly-indie status, switching to Google Reader, switching to SQLite, and more.

Total side note: I keep reading the blog name as Shouting at bubbles, which is a little more absurd, and so I like it.

(Absurd for now, that is. One day there will be a social media network named Bubbles. Bubbles will be your friends. You won’t tweet or write on their walls, you’ll compose shouts. So we’ll all be shouting at bubbles one day. This is just by way of a reminder that, if you could go back in time ten years, and describe what you do all day using the words you normally use, those people in the past would think you’re a schizophrenic.)

27 Oct 2009


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