NetNewsWire for iPhone 2.0.2 in review (waiting)

NetNewsWire for iPhone iconI just uploaded new versions (2.0.2) of NetNewsWire free (iTunes link) and NetNewsWire Premium (iTunes link) to the App Store.

They’re in review — it will take a few days before they appear. It could be a week or longer. (There’s no way to know.)

The changes: a few crashing bugs are fixed and the “confused navigation” bug is fixed. (It also zeros out the unread count icon badge, for people who upgraded from NetNewsWire 1.x.)

And now on to work on 2.0.3...

Reminder: the introductory pricing of $1.99 for NetNewsWire Premium will end at the end of this month. It will go up to $4.99 starting Sunday morning. If you were planning to buy it, please don’t miss saving $3.

29 Oct 2009


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