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This new NewsGator weblog, written by Christy Schoon, may not be of interest to the average ranchero.com reader — it’s about enterprise software, and if you’re reading this you’re probably a Mac or iPhone user or developer. (Not that enterprise software and Macs and iPhones are mutually exclusive.)

But what I like about it is that, even though it’s a company weblog, and it’s about enterprise software, it’s clearly written in a human voice by a human. One post is called Pimp My Site. “My second blog post and I’ve already used the word Pimp. My Mom would be so proud.”

The current most recent post starts out, “Can I act a little dweeby and tell you I’m excited...”

I love this stuff. I’m incredibly proud of my company.

(I only hope the several authors of the TapLynx blog — including me — can do as well.)

03 Nov 2009


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