Dec 2009

Mac app + unit tests

Cocoa with Love: “In this post, I present a complete Cocoa Mac application implemented with unit tests for all created code. I’ll create the tests first and then only add the code required to make the tests pass, largely following a test-driven development (TDD) methodology.”

Cocoa and Tab-Modality

Official Google Mac Blog: “We needed to attach sheets to a Cocoa view rather than to just a Cocoa window. How would we accomplish this?”

Per-tab sheets. Could be quite useful, definitely.

TechStars expanding to Seattle

Brad Feld: “Yesterday, TechStars announced that it is a launching a new program in Seattle. This will be the third program that TechStars runs — with the other two being in Boulder over the summer and Boston in the spring.”

Bottom Bars in Interface Builder

Dave Dribin: “In Snow Leopard, we finally get Interface Builder support for bottom bars.”

I had missed that — I didn’t realize this was in IB now. Definitely a welcome enhancement.

objc_msgSend() Tour

bbum’s weblog-o-mat: Bill writes up “a rather detailed tour of objc_msgSend() as implemented in Mac OS X 10.6.2.”

I love this kind of thing. Want more! :)

SnoGlobe on App Store

Macworld: “SnoGlobe lets you choose (or take) a photo to use as the background of your custom creation, and then you can shake up the snow and watch it settle.”

From Seattle developers RogueSheep. I’ve used the app — it’s delightful. My favorite feature: if you hold the iPhone with the screen facing the ground, the flakes appear to collect against the glass.

TapLynx 1.1.2 released (plus price change to $599)

We released TapLynx 1.1.2 last week, which fixes a few bugs.

This comes a week after releasing TapLynx 1.1, which was an important release for a bunch of performance enhancements — and important because we changed the price from $3500 to $599 as a result of feedback we’ve gathered and the results of our iPhone developer survey.

Blogging + Indie Marketing

The mac Indie Marketing Blog: “Some recent discussion on the MacSB discussion list prompted me to write a few words about the importance of blogging as a marketing tool.”

Dan’s totally right.

I would put it shorter: if you think you don’t need a blog, shut up, just start blogging.

I don’t even trust software from developers without a blog.

PS Almost universally-unknown bit of trivia: the technically correct pronunciation of MacSB is “max-bee.” Fewer syllables than “mac-ess-bee.” You’re busy, I’m busy — save that extra syllable.

Streaming video app + private APIs

Chris Foresman, Ars Technica: “The launch of the app today is the first known approved app that can stream live video directly from one iPhone to another, and the first approval for an app with known use of private APIs.”

Square: sci-fi high-life

Square is that science-fiction pay-via-iPhone thing from the future we’ve all been waiting for.

15 iPhone Marketing Suggestions

Karelia Software: “I think that if you start applying these suggestions, perhaps one per day, you should start getting more people finding your app.”


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