Apr 2010

Grid view for iPad

Alan Quatermain: “It was designed to fill the role of NSCollectionView, with an API and internals based around UITableView.” (Via Kris Markel. Bunch of good links on his site — worth subscribing.)

On the Double Encore acquisition of Massively Overrated

Better Elevation: “So how did I go about deciding I wanted to make iPhone apps, getting acquired, and becoming an executive at an award-winning iPhone development company?”

I admit to loving this story. Includes an Important Life Lesson.

Daring Fireball reviews iPad

I especially like this sentence in John’s iPad review: “It’s like a slower runner with a lighter backpack who can win a race against a faster runner wearing a heavier backpack.”

Apple consistently demonstrates the virtues of slimming.

NetNewsWire for iPad 1.0, new NetNewsWire site

Along with the release of NetNewsWire for iPad 1.0, we’ve also created a new website for all versions of NetNewsWire.

I’ll continue to use ranchero.com as a linkblog, but it won’t be the main place for NetNewsWire news anymore. That’s what the new website is for. You can subscribe to the new feed: NetNewsWire news.

(Because this new feed appeared after the most recent NetNewsWire releases, it’s not a default for new users yet. But, of course, it will be in the future.)


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