TapLynx 1.3: push notifications and more

We released TapLynx 1.3 today. Thanks to the work of Nick Harris and push.io, TapLynx now has push notifications.

There are some other new features (localizability, new horizontal-scrolling article view, etc.) and some bug fixes. It’s totally free to download and try out.

But wtf is TapLynx?

Whenever I talk to developers in person, it’s obvious that they’re not really sure what TapLynx is. Is it some kind of compiler or new language or some weird layer or something?

Speaking developer-to-developer: it’s simple. It’s just a static library.

It’s a static library written in Cocoa using Xcode. You add it to an Xcode project, add some artwork and templates, configure it via a property list, then build and run. Voila, you have an iPhone app.

But it’s all Cocoa, top-to-bottom. All Xcode. Nothing weird or magical.

What kind of app does it make?

You won’t write a game with it. It’s for publishers — folks who have articles, podcasts, video, photo galleries, Twitter streams. Any or all of the above.

So it makes an iPhone app that reads feeds and presents your stuff the way you want to present it.

But won’t all these be cookie-cutter apps?

TapLynx is very configurable, and we’re adding more configuration options and new views. TapLynx apps resemble each other less and less as the software matures.

You can even add your own views: it’s extendable. You don’t have to write any code, but you totally can if you want to.

Who uses TapLynx?

There are a bunch of TapLynx-made apps on the App Store. But today I’ll point to Discovery News — it’s the first shipping TapLynx app to use the new push notifications feature. (It’s free. Check it out. That is, if you like science and cool things.)

12 May 2010


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