Jun 2010

Mac app design: always the same (ish)

Cocoa with Love: “But the classification of an application isn’t a simple tree structure — there are many different connections. And the connections aren’t simply of heredity — there are subclasses, view hierarchies, event hierarchies, control hierarchies and more.”

Sometimes when I just want something good to read I go through the Cocoa with Love archive. I even read articles I’ve read before.

On coding as if people are watching

Jeff LaMarche: “The other day, I saw somebody wearing a T-shirt that said ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching.’ I’m not much of a dancer, but I like the sentiment. However, dancing is not coding. The worst thing you can do is code like nobody’s watching.”

Jeff makes a great point. I might sum it up as: do it right the first time, no matter what the pressure — it always pays off.

(I play a guest role in the addendum. The follow-on point being that code reviews — actually having people look at your code — are good too.)

At WWDC I called Jeff the “smartest guy in iPhone development.” If you’re a developer, you should subscribe to his feed. (But I bet you already have.)

iPhone multitasking explained

furbo.org: “It’s no secret that ‘multitasking’ is one of the great new features of iOS 4. Unfortunately, many people have a misconception about what Apple has implemented.”

A Month of Mac

Brad Feld: “Ross (my IT guy) bet me $100 that I’d beg him to ship my Windows desktop to me within a few days of getting to Alaska. Help me win the bet.”

On sucky app websites

Matt Legend Gemmell: “Your customer doesn’t care about any of the other crap that you want to throw onto the product page. Get rid of it; put it elsewhere.”

Fast UITableViewCell with a UIWebView

Nick Harris (my co-worker at NewsGator): “The problem becomes how you add hyperlinking to a UITableViewCell but keep the scroll speed as fast as possible.”

Nick’s solution is to actually use a UIWebView. Which works pretty well (to my surprise). He has some demo code posted — and lists a couple issues still to solve. Help appreciated, of course!

Reminder: make sure NetNewsWire is latest version

We released new versions of NetNewsWire a couple months ago to make sure they work with an upcoming change in Google Reader. Most people have upgraded already. But not everybody! So this is a reminder to make sure you’re running the latest version.

There are more details on this post on the NetNewsWire website.

Extended NetNewsWire/iPad intro pricing an extra month

Since the international iPad release is still in progress, and since even where it’s been released there are people on waiting lists, we decided to extend the introductory pricing an extra month, to July 8. More details on the NetNewsWire blog.

New file comparison app: Kaleidoscope

I use Mercurial these days — and Kaleidoscope works with Mercurial. I’ll definitely check it out. (Versions, also by the Made by Sofa folks, is a great app, which I loved when I was using Subversion.)

Also see Colin Barrett’s blog post about Kaleidoscope.

NetNewsWire/iPad intro price ends soon

Just a note, because I don’t want you to miss out: the price for NetNewsWire for iPad (App Store link) will go up 50% a week from now, from $9.99 (US) to $14.99.

The special introductory price will end — so, if you were thinking of buying it, you should buy it before that happens.

Save $5 and buy the Twitterrific upgrade. Or buy Bistromath or the multiple-award-winning Postage.


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