Signed up for free HTML5 class

In RogueSheep’s recent post on Scholarly Shepherding, Chris talks about the UW Extension course on Cocoa. Though I’m not one of the teachers, I’m on the board — and I’m hugely proud of the teachers and students and folks at UW who made the first year such a success. Year two is starting soon, and there are still slots open for the eastside class. (Westside is on waiting list.)

Chris also mentions Jake Carter’s HTML5 class. (Jake also does a lot of work on the UW class.) While I knew this was coming up, I didn’t know it was a free online-video course from O’Reilly.

I signed up!

As developers we know that the more well-understood tools we have in our tool belt, the better craftsmen we are.

But the technology world is always uncertain — which tools should I learn? Which languages, which frameworks? How do I stay current? What would be most useful?

You might have trouble picking between SproutCore and Cappuccino, say, or Cocoa and the Android SDK.

But one thing is a no-brainer: you need to know HTML. And HTML5 is the new one, and Jake’ll teach it to you. (And it’s free.)

25 Sep 2010


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