TouchUp for iPad

TouchUp (iTunes link) is a gorgeous new photo editing app from my friends at RogueSheep. Introductory price is 40% off, just $2.99.

I love it. Totally fun app. I had seen betas, but hadn’t had the chance to use it much until just today. I’m impressed by their work, as usual — the attention to detail, to the sense of fun and delight, and to the generosity. The app even comes with screencast tutorials!

Before they released it, I figured the app would be $20 or $30. It’s worth it. (And part of me wishes they had priced it like that, but I don’t pretend to know their market they way they do, and so of course I respect their decision.) In other words — for $2.99, sheesh, just buy it.

Buy it even if you don’t have a big need for a photo editor on your iPad. If you’re an iPad developer, think of this is a tutorial app, like Postage (also from Rogue Sheep) — there’s a lot to learn from this app, and I’m actually going to sit down with it and take some notes.

05 Oct 2010


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