Ranchero Software

Ranchero Software makes open source Mac apps. It’s a two-person company — Brent and Sheila Simmons — based in Seattle, in sunny, lovely Ballard.


Neither of these apps are actually shipping just yet. They’re both free and open source.

RSS reader for Mac. We’re working on 5.0 — but it’s not even in beta yet.

Rainier is a free and open source database, scripting system, and development environment for Mac with easy ties to the web. Also not shipping yet. (NetNewsWire is way closer.)


Brent writes about Mac and iOS development. And other things. Since 1999.

Brent’s microblog, where he posts small things.

NetNewsWire blog
Where to follow NetNewsWire news.

The Record
Brent’s and Chris Parrish’s podcast brings you the stories you should know about the Mac and iOS development community in Seattle. (Not currently active, though.)

Contacting Us

You can email Brent — it’s his name (minus last name) at the domain name for this site.

We have two Slack groups: one for NetNewsWire and one for Rainier. If you’re interested in helping out — testing, helping us think things over, or even writing code — email Brent and ask for an invitation.


In 2002, Ranchero Software shipped the first Mac RSS reader written as a Cocoa app. NetNewsWire then changed owners: first NewsGator, then Black Pixel. In 2018 it came back home!

In 2004, Ranchero Software shipped a desktop blog editor that worked with Movable Type, Blogger, WordPress, and other systems. MarsEdit has been very happy at Red Sweater since 2007.

Before the dawn of time
Ranchero Software was originally formed as World Wide Power & Light in 1995, and changed its name to Ranchero Software in 1996. None of the earliest apps survive, but we sure had fun making them.