Ranchero Software is a two-person company — Brent and Sheila Simmons — based in Seattle, in sunny, lovely Ballard.


Brent writes about Mac and iOS development. Since 1999.

The Record
Brent and Chris Parrish’s podcast brings you the stories you should know about the Mac and iOS development community.


In 2002, Ranchero Software shipped the first Mac RSS reader written as a Cocoa app. (NetNewsWire is now at Black Pixel.)

In 2004, Ranchero Software shipped a desktop blog editor that worked with Movable Type, Blogger, WordPress, and other systems. (MarsEdit is now at Red Sweater.)

Before the dawn of time
Ranchero Software was originally formed as World Wide Power & Light in 1995, and changed its name to Ranchero Software in 1996. None of the earliest apps survive, but we had fun making them.

Stay tuned — there’s more to come.