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Using Readability with NetNewsWire

Rob J Wells: “Most of my heavy reading takes place in NetNewsWire, so I’ve coupled up Arc90’s Readability bookmarklet with the application.”

NetNewsWire script: Subscribe to full-text feed of current subscription “Here’s a script that attempts to subscribe to a full-text feed of the current subscription in NetNewsWire. It does this using EchoDittoLabs’ excellent FullTextRSS service.”

NNWInstaPost - two great tastes

protagonist: “NNWInstaPost makes NetNewsWire and Instapaper play nice together. Think of it like the peanut butter and jelly script.”

Very cool! (We are, by the way, planning to add a send-to-Instapaper command for both Mac and iPhone versions of NetNewsWire. But the thing I love about scripting is that you don’t have to wait for us to do it.)

Display iTunes Podcasts In NetNewsWire

Onlinenerd24: “I have several podcasts subscribed in iTunes. I use NetNewsWire as a local RSS feed reader. This morning I thought it would be nice to have new podcast episodes displayed in my feed reader as soon as they are downloaded.”

NetNewsWire to with ‘toread’ tag

FutureMac: “I’ve modified existing NetNewsWire to Applescripts to save the currently-selected news item to with the tag ‘toread.’ You can easily change this tag to whatever tag you use to mark items you wish to read later on.”

Play NetNewsWire Video/Audio Enclosures in QuickTime Player

Stefan Seiz: “For your Enjoyment, here’s a little AppleScript which plays the Enclosure (type Video/QuickTime or Audio/Mpeg) of the current selection in QuickTime Player. If you’re like me and don’t automaticaly download enclosures, this helps you save the hassle of Copying the URL and pasting it into QT Player or such.”

Post to instapaper (AppleScript)

Bruce Walker: “Here’s a little script to post the currently selected headline in NetNewsWire to your ‘instapaper’ account.”

NetNewsWire to Tumblr “Here’s an Applescript that sends the currently selected headline from NetNewsWire 3.1.1 to Tumblr.”

Archive Flagged Items from NetNewsWire into Yojimbo

justinwr: “This lil Ruby-OSA script will allow you to import your ‘Flagged Items’ in NetNewsWire as Web Archive Items in Yojimbo. Thus allowing you to save RSS articles for off-line viewing/storage.”

Safari/NetNewsWire workflow

Richard Keen: “The script takes the front-most Safari URL (the current tab or window), adds this to NetNewsWire (it will be started in the background if not running) and confirms this via a Growl notification if you have Growl installed.”

Mail Headline script for NetNewsWire “Mail Headline is a plain-text replacement for the Mail Contents of this News Item command that’s capable of supporting multiple email clients. The contents of the news item are processed with Aaron Swartz’ html2text and converted to Markdown-formatted text. The currently supported email clients include Mailsmith, Entourage, and Mail (if you prefer plain text over rich text for emails).”

Adding Yahoo! Saving Tools to NetNewsWire

Micah Laaker: “Now, when I find an RSS feed item or browse to a page that I want to save to one of these services, I can simply select my script in the NetNewsWire script menu.”

Two scripts: one for adding to MyWeb, one for Bookmarks 2.0.

Scripts for Yojimbo, and NetNewsWire integration

Hawk Wings: “On the Yojimbo mailing list, Dylan Damian shared two applescripts that help to integrate the new tagging feature of Yojimbo 1.3 with and NetNewsWire.”

Build a Blogroll with NetNewsWire and AppleScript

mere cat: “I’ve been using this thing for a while to build my blogroll and thought I’d share. An AppleScript reads your feeds in NNW and creates an unordered list for each group of feeds (if any), nesting them as required.”

Extract Microformats Script For NNW “I’m pleased to announce the release of my latest little hack for adding microformats support to NetNewsWire (not lite)—Extract Microformats v0.5.”

NetNewsWire + XFN

Peter Rukavina: “Because NetNewsWire lacks any mechanism for storing XFN information itself, I crafted an AppleScript-based solution that stores my relationship to each feed’s author in a SQLite database. You can download my Define XFN Relationship script and try it for yourself.”

ReadItYourself! 1.0.2

filipp: “ReadItYourself! is a simple AppleScript for NetNewsWire (tested with 2.1b33) that exports the unread headlines of a selected subscription to your iPod.”

Quick Links AppleScript

Andy Fragen and Steve Kirks wrote an AppleScript script for making “Quick Links” text from NetNewsWire.

Lifehack Scripting

Fraser Speirs: “Also, a couple of scripts there for taking the front tab in Safari or the selected headline in NetNewsWire, archiving and flagging it in Yojimbo. Nice for when you hit an item you want to read in-depth but not immediately, or you’re trying to rapidly accumulate research material on a particular topic.”


Red Sweater Blog: “NetNewsWire, RSS, and AppleScript to the rescue! Since Netflix is hip enough to provide several RSS feeds for its savvy customers, I just grabbed my friend’s Netflix queue RSS feed, and subscribed with NetNewsWire. Then, after selecting the subscription, I typed the following into Script Editor:”

Use iWeb as a NetNewsWire Weblog Editor

macosxhints: “I was able to build an AppleScript which creates a new iWeb blog entry from the currently-selected NetNewsWire (NNW) news item.”

Anentry (send-email script for NetNewsWire)

Celsius1414: Anentry is a “simple AppleScript to send an email via Mail based on the currently selected headline in NetNewsWire.”

iWeb as External Weblog Editor

Blogum: “A couple of days ago I posted code for an AppleScript application bundle which let you post entries from NetNewsWire to iWeb. But that code didn’t support NetNewsWire’s external weblog editor protocol, so it was a little fragile. Here’s a new disk image with updated code which does support the protocol.”

My NetNewsWire -> applescript

Brewed Fresh Daily: “Here’s what I’m using to send stuff from NNW to my account.”

Receiving your NetNewsWire headlines on your cellphone

The Macintosh Apple Tree: “With this, you will be able to send a text message with a keyword to your email address and it will send a list of the current headlines from NNW to a predetermined address (your cellphone).”

RSS feed for crash reports

Kevin Ballard: “I wrote a ruby script that generates an RSS feed for all the Crash Reporter logs on your machine. Just create a New Special Subscription in NetNewsWire, point it at the script, and you’re all set.” We might add that it’s extra cool because it uses red text for the thread that crashed, making it easy to pick out. (And we’ll also remind you to make sure the script is executable so that NetNewsWire can run it.)


Jonathan Wight: “Well that didn’t take long! I can now perform spotlight queries in NetNewsWire.”

RSS for core dumps

Michael Conrad Tadpol Tilstra wrote a Ruby script which generates an RSS feed listing the core dumps on his machine. (!!!)

Really Simple Consolation

Daniel Jalkut: “I don’t want to be one of those nerds who leaves the Console window open all the time just waiting for junk to happen. I want to live! So I had an idea. I’ll track this junk the way I track all the other junk. With NetNewsWire!”

Simple Sharing Extensions for NetNewsWire

Niall Kennedy: “I created a Simple Sharing Extensions exporter for NetNewsWire followed links as a proof of concept. The OPML SSE exporter is written in AppleScript. It iterates through each subscription feed and its items, outputting every feed and the descriptive data about the items you have opened in a browser.”

NetNewsWire/Marsedit/ Link blog

david’s brain blog: “Well, I had an unused blog and a morning free to do some applescripting so I knocked up a quick script to take the current post I am reading in NetNewsWire and post it (via Marsedit) to my blog.”

NetNewsWire to

Ted Leung: “Here are two scripts for getting stuff from NetNewsWire to”

NetNewsWire Subs to HTML

Ryan Prins: “I needed a way to update my blogroll on my site. So, I took my first foray into AppleScript and hashed out a simple little script to populate my blogroll page.”

“Tag This” for NetNewsWire

Deeje Cooley: “Here’s an AppleScript for NetNewsWire that allows you to tag whatever is currently visible in your main window. This means you can tag a blog entry, or tag a browser tab... the script just does the right thing for you.”

Save Current Headline

Brett Gross: “This little AppleScript will take your currently selected feed from NetNewsWire (paid) and save it to a folder in your Documents folder named 'RSS' You can change the destination folder or just make a folder named 'RSS' in your Documents folder.

The script will also automatically insert the following keywords in the HTML file: RSS, NetNewsWire, k_RSS, k_NetNewsWire. These keywords can be used as search criteria in Spotlight searches. For example, searching for 'k_RSS' will find all of these files no matter where they are.”


Michael Conrad Tadpol Tilstra: “Scrax is a scraper for converting html page archive data from web comics into RSS feeds. This is quite useful for tracking many web comics at once, especially those with odd update schedules.”

NetNewsWire to SiteTagger

Michael Manley has written an AppleScript that posts bookmarks from tabs in NetNewsWire to the bookmark management program SiteTagger.


Nick Matsakis: “Preaggregator is a NetNewsWire add-on that groups together a feed’s unseen stories into a single headline. This is useful for feeds that add a great many headlines at once, but where you are more interested in the the fact that the site has updated than the individual headlines. Preaggregator supports all major feed types, including RSS 2.0 and Atom.”

FeedMailer 0.5

LittleAppleScripts: “FeedMailer is a little applescript application for NetNewsWire.
It gets your selected feed and/or headline and sends it directly to a new mail message.”

Adium script to insert NetNewsWire URL

Michael Rowe has written an AppleScript for the chat program Adium that inserts the URL of the currently active headline from NetNewsWire into an Adium message window as a link.


Ian Lloyd: “NewsGrowl is a script for NetNewsWire 2 that displays a count of unread headlines via Growl. It scans NetNewsWire for groups and top-level subscriptions (subscriptions that are not in any group), which are then listed in the Growl Preference Pane.”

NetNewsWire html uploader - Automator

backlon: “Here's an automator file that parses your NetNewsWire subscriptions into a nice HTML file, then uploads it to the server of your choice.”


Coalmarch Productions: “This script [for NetNewsWire] allows you to subscribe to any number of mailboxes in Its main use is for dropping new unread messages from subscribed news groups (yahoo/apple, etc.) so I don’t have to switch to Mail when I want to be goofing off and reading news.”

Celsius1414: mini-monitor

Robert Daeley: “I set up a simple shell script to ask Mail and NetNewsWire for their current unread counts, then I display it in a tiny GeekTool window.”

Open unread items in OmniWeb

waffle: Here’s a “simple AppleScript to open all the unread items in the current subscription as tabs in a new window in OmniWeb.”

NetNewsWire 2.0 to AppleScript

Daytime Running Lights: “this Apple Script lets you post to from NetNewsWire - from the browser pane, not the subscriptions!”

How to get the URL of the current tab

Here’s a short AppleScript script which gets the URL of the current tab. If the current tab is the News Items tab, then the URL is just an empty string.

tell application "NetNewsWire"
	set urlsList to URLs of tabs
	set ixCurrentTab to index of selected tab
	item (ixCurrentTab + 1) of urlsList
end tell


Mark Allerton: “FeedShuffle is a program that can be run as a ‘Special Subscription’ in NetNewsWire 2.0. It will generate an RSS feed containing a random selection of items from all of your other NetNewsWire subscriptions.”

Managing Podcasts with AppleScript “In my last entry on the subject of podcasts, I mentioned that I was planning on writing an AppleScript to help me manage the podcasts to which I subscribe. That AppleScript—my first—is now complete.”


Nick Matsakis: “PodcastBuddy is an appscript that uses NetNewsWire 2, iTunes, and the Notes Reader on iPods to create iPod Notes for Podcast feeds. PodcastBuddy creates a note on your iPod for each podcast feed in NetNewsWire which has unheard programs.”


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