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NetNewsWire Style: jwz

The interwebs were supposed to be green on black: “The problem with having switched to NetNewsWire is that suddenly my feeds were all white-on-black instead of green-on-black as they were supposed to be. So I fixed that.”

JetReader - NetNewsWire style

Jetplane Journal: The JetReader style was “designed with legibility in mind, as I’ve found that black on grey is typically easier on the eyes — particularly on the new, very glossy, very bright aluminum MacBook.”

macprime NetNewsWire Style has just released a new style for NetNewsWire that’s clean and easy-to-read. Nice work.

LegiStyles - NetNewsWire styles

Antonio Carusone: “LegiStyles™ are a series of custom styles for the award-winning RSS reader NetNewsWire. Much attention has been paid to the design and typography of the styles to improve legibility and readability, and to enhance the overall reading experience.”

My favorite is Haaus.

NetNewsWire Style AisleOne 2.5

AisleOne: “Version 2.5 of my NetNewsWire style is now available. The design is simple and clean with a great deal of focus on typography and legibility. In this new version I’ve made some improvements that will enhance the reading experience.”

Bullitt: one NetNewsWire style to rule them all

Download Squad: “I’ve discovered a new style that I think is the best yet. It’s Bullitt, designed by Cameron Hunt of”

Bullit NetNewsWire style

cameron i/o: “Bullit is the style I developed to read my RSS feeds on NetNewsWire. Clarity and readability were the most important factors.”

AisleOne — NetNewsWire Style Version 2.0

AisleOne: “Version 2.0 features a design very similar to this blog, extending the visual experience of the site into your RSS reader. It’s simple, clean and easy to read.”

Mailx, a NetNewsWire style

Pragmatos: “Mailx is a simple NetNewsWire style based on Chris Clark’s Mail style, with readability enhancements.”

NetNewsWire style: Ollicle Reflex refined for smarter feed reading

Oliver Boermans: “It’s been a long time cooking, but I am finally taking version 6 of Ollicle Reflex out of the oven.”

NetNewsWire style hack - Show web page instead of feed

ollicle: “This stylesheet for NetNewsWire loads the linked web page instead of displaying the feed itself.”

Simply Structured: A NetNewsWire Style

Capn Design: “More than anything, I wanted a design that stayed out of the way. Reading posts via feeds instead of actual sites lets me consume more data. Having a simple, highly legible style makes it much easier.”

jDefault - Image resizing for your NetNewsWire style

Oliver Boermans: “Some of you love the image resizing feature of my NetNewsWire style Ollicle Reflex, but would rather see it in a different style, perhaps one with your own particular CSS tweaks? If this sounds like familiar I’ve made a new NetNewsWire style package especially for you.”

NetNewsWire style: ollicle reflex updated

A cool update to a NetNewsWire style: ollicle reflex now “displays a Tagometer Badge for each viewed news item. This shows you how many users have tagged the news item you are viewing and the top ten tags they used.”

NetNewsWire Style: ReadLight

cleverdevil: “For a while now I have been itching to create a custom stylesheet for NetNewsWire, and I finally found the time to do it. So, I am proud to introduce ReadLight—a NetNewsWire style that attempts to feel like reading from a gorgeous hardcover book.”

FeedLight NetNewsWire Style

BrokenLogic: “There are two variations of FeedLight, one for use with the Aqua Mac OS X appearance, and another for the Graphite appearance.”

Spotlight+wrap NetNewsWire Style

Wolf: “Much to my surprise, my favorite NetNewsWire style is Spotlight... Since I’ve been happy with the Spotlight style for so long, and it looks like this relationship is a long-term one, I decided to put some time into enhancing it a mite: Spotlight+wrap.nnwstyle.”

NetNewsWire Style: Samurai Coder v2

Takaaki Kato updated the Samurai Coder NetNewsWire style: it’s more compact and includes ad-blocking code.

Lucida Complete - NetNewsWire Style “Lucida Complete does two things: it presents the reader with absolutely nothing but text in a drastically-simple, attractive format; and shows the complete breadth of information available from NetNewsWire (feed info).”

ollicle: Reflex for NetNewsWire

Oliver Boermans: “This style is designed to maximise legibility rather than add distracting ‘style’ to your feed reading. Those who like a bit of colour and visual impact in their feed reading will appreciate it’s smart handling of full size photographs and comics.”

Spotlight+wrap NetNewsWire Style “Since I’ve been happy with the Spotlight style for so long, and it looks like this relationship is a long-term one, I decided to put some time into enhancing it a mite: Spotlight+wrap.nnwstyle.”

NetNewsWire Style: Samurai Coder

Samurai Coder “is quite simple a style with no graphics. Every meta content (such as source, poster’s name, tags/categories/subject and a link to comments) is located on top, packed in a compact yet readable space.”

octoberlandFire style for NetNewsWire

Octoberland: “Response was very positive for my first NetNewsWire style that I thought I would try another. This one is more of an Autumnal feel, and includes better handling for the widescreen view.”

Octoberland style for NetNewsWire

Octoberland: “Just created a style template for those of you using NetNewsWire (NNW). It is based off of the look / feel of this site.”

Peppermint style for NetNewsWire

ollieman: “mint is pretty much the best thing to happen to websites since sliced bread. In addition to the wonderful features it sports, it’s also got one killer look. And I like that look a lot, so much that I decided to pay it an homage.”

ollieman style

ollieman: “And so I present to you, the oven-fresh new style: ollieman. It’s fitting that this style be self-titled; I feel that this new design is the truest expression of my design-style to date. It’s the first time I have really expressed something thru code, and I’m happy to share it with you.”

NetNewsWire Style: Dartanion

John Warne: “This is my first attempt at a style for NetNewsWire, an RSS and Atom Newsreader for Mac OS X. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!”

NetNewsWire style with free cookies

Oliver Boermans: “Armed with a copy of the wonderful DOMscripting I decided to tackle this problem from a different angle. Perhaps the images could scale to fit the available space.”

New NetNewsWire Style Dg Platinum “This new style is based on Itunes new platinum look which I really like more so than the old brush metal look.”

Dreamsicle - A new NetNewsWire Style “So, as a celebration of just how popular the styles on this site have become I’ve created what is, by far, my best and most complex style yet. It features the elegant, dynamic display of metadata so that it’s there when you need it and not when you don’t.”

NetNewsWire Style: Typographer

Oliver Taylor: “Typographer is a clean, minimalist theme that focuses on beautiful, readable text. The header font is ‘Hoefler Text,’ a wonderful typeface, and uses Baskerville as a body text. Instead of mimicking the look of a book, I decided to attempt to mimic the feel of an old book.”

NetNewsWire Style: Softcover “Please go ahead and create further derivative works from my derivative work. It’s like evolution, except there’s no selection pressure and it’s Intelligent Design... so maybe it’s not about Evolution.”

NetNewsWire Style: Citizen Kubrick

Oliver Taylor: “This theme for NetNewsWire was inspired by a bout of reading I did on one of my favorite directors, Stanley Kubrick (and has little to do with the Wordpress theme).”

NetNewsWire Style: Hardcover

ollicle: Flex CSS with JavaScript for better reading

Another NetNewsWire style: “A nagging desire to find a novel and useful application of the template.html file in a NetNewsWire style and thoughts regarding the limitations of web typography came together a few weeks ago while reading another of the many blog posts on the pros and cons of flexible vs. fixed width web layouts. Why not use a little JavaScript to make line spacing relative to line width?”

NetNewsWire Style Dangergraphics

Jason Csizmadi: “This is a NetNewsWire Spotlight Style. It's inspired by a style that hicksdesign had created. It's clean simple and easy on the eyes.”

Rizearch NetNewsWire Style

Andrew Skinner presents version one of the Rizearch theme for NetNewsWire.

Tiger style for NetNewsWire

Jon Hicks has created a new spotlight-inspired style for NetNewsWire.

Gundam NetNewsWire Theme “Continuing in my long line of creating Gundam themes for Mac OS X programs comes a Gundam view style for NetNewsWire.”

Mail-like style for NetNewsWire

decaffeinated: “The sheet itself was for NetNewsWire; on a whim I’d decided to whip up a style to make feed items resemble email messages a la Apple Mail, and I liked what I saw.”

NetNewsWire Aqua Package

Bartelme Design: “Because of the fact that the graphit package for the famous RSS reader NetNewsWire was quite popular, I decided to extend the package with some nice aqua stylsheets. Don’t hesitate to download the whole package and skin the whole app either in aqua or graphit style.”

CMH Graphite Style for NetNewsWire

Christopher Harrington created a new style for NetNewsWire.

Graphit Style for NetNewsWire

Bartelme Design’s graphite style includes not just a style sheet but alternative application icons.

Inside-out NetNewsWire stylesheet

ollicle: “This style for NetNewsWire 2 is like one of those crazy inventions that come into being accidentally through the process of creating something else.” Style for NetNewsWire posted a style sheet based on the Ollicle style sheet posted the other day.

Spartan Style for NetNewsWire

Tim Brayshaw: “If you’re looking for a high-falootin’ rootin’-tootin’ fancy-dancy piece of eye-candy, this isn’t it. It’s just a simple plain stylesheet designed for everyday reading.”

Eric Meyer’s NetNewsWire styles

Eric Meyer: “Looking to spruce up the article display in NetNewsWire 2?”

Eric’s styles (15 Petals, NNW Classic Default, and Popper) are included in NetNewsWire 2.0b6—but he’s also made them available via the web.

Ollicle Crisp NetNewsWire style

Oliver Boermans: “I set out to create a design for everyday reading, one that sits back and lets the text do the talking.”

Slate for NetNewsWire

Patrick Quinn-Graham: “What with everybody making their own style for NetNewsWire I decided to make my own. It’s nothing revolutionary, borrows from others, but with a colour scheme matching that (basically) of my own site. So nice dark background.”


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