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NetNewsWire 3.1.3 released

NetNewsWire 3.1.3 rolls back a change in the behavior of folders and the Latest News subscription. The change triggered a crashing bug for some folks, so we rolled it back. (We’ll get back to this issue with the next release—step one was to deal with the crashing bug.)

NewsGator subscriber counts

Greg Reinacker: “I’ve noticed a few posts around the web (here’s the latest) expressing a bit of confusion about how NewsGator (and NetNewsWire, FeedDemon, NewsGator Inbox, and NewsGator Go!) subscriber counts are reported. So here’s the skinny.”

NetNewsWire + NewsGator Mobile

Nice post from Peter Rukavina: “Let me briefly sing the praises of the combination of NetNewsWire, my longtime RSS newsreader for the Mac, and NewsGator Mobile for the iPhone, a web-based application to which NetNewsWire automagically syncs.” He notes how clipping something using the iPhone reader causes it to appear in NetNewsWire.

Post to instapaper (AppleScript)

Bruce Walker: “Here’s a little script to post the currently selected headline in NetNewsWire to your ‘instapaper’ account.”

NetNewsWire 3.1.2b2

NetNewsWire 3.1.2b2 fixes some syncing bugs and a bug with folders and the Latest-News subscription dropping read items too quickly.

Things you may not know about NetNewsWire 3.1 (part four: misc.)

Me on “This should be the last of the things-you-may-not-know-about-NetNewsWire posts... This one’s just misc. stuff, in misc. order.”

Parsing your OPML for Touch and iPhone WebClip icons “NetNewsWire has an OPML export option, and I’m sure other readers do, too. I figured, hey, let’s just try to see if I can parse that export to see which of my subscribed feeds have WebClips.”

NetNewsWire to Tumblr “Here’s an Applescript that sends the currently selected headline from NetNewsWire 3.1.1 to Tumblr.”

Things you may not know about NetNewsWire 3.1 (part three: subscriptions list stuff)

Me, writing on about NetNewsWire, this time talking about the subscriptions list.

Things you may not know about NetNewsWire 3.1 (part two: reading stuff)

Me on “The space bar scrolls the current item. If there is no more to scroll, it goes to the next unread item. This way you can read all of your news with coffee cup in one hand, while the other taps the space bar.”

Selected text in NetNewsWire + MarsEdit

Disruptive Conversations: “What’s very cool is that if you select/highlight a block of text before clicking the button you get only that part brought across into MarsEdit. So if there is a paragraph you want to include in your post, simply highlight the paragraph, click the button and you’re off and blogging.”

On the design of NetNewsWire’s first-run assistant

Me on “Normally this is kind of a boring thing—not one of the exciting features, not necessarily worth discussing. But since this is an example of a hybrid app with an online component, I thought it might be interesting to other developers of hybrid apps.”

Things you may not know about NetNewsWire 3.1 (part one: browser stuff)

Me on “The most common feature request in the feedback I read today is that NetNewsWire should play video, Flash, YouTube, etc. It does. It’s turned off by default, but it’s easy to turn on.”

How to share clippings

Me on “If you use NewsGator syncing, you can share your clippings folders as feeds. In other words, you can make a clippings folder that other people can subscribe to.”

Reminder for NetNewsWire Lite users

This is just a reminder for NetNewsWire Lite users: we released the full version of NetNewsWire for free. You can upgrade and get all the features of the new version. And all the bug fixes. It’s a better NetNewsWire.

(We noticed a few folks still running Lite in our logs, and we wanted to make sure they got the news about the free upgrade.)

Ode to Apple’s NetNewsWire Tips

Ode to Apple: “Here, let me summarize various settings which have worked good for me so far. I urge you to try them, enhance them and change them to suit you best.”

Simply Structured: A NetNewsWire Style

Capn Design: “More than anything, I wanted a design that stayed out of the way. Reading posts via feeds instead of actual sites lets me consume more data. Having a simple, highly legible style makes it much easier.”

Focus with NetNewsWire smart lists

Mac Tips, Miraz Jordan: “Would you like to easily follow any mentions of the iPod touch, or perhaps Lhasa Apso dogs, in the RSS feeds you’ve subscribed to? Or how about mentions of your favourite sports team, or a certain politician?”

NetNewsWire desktop app integration

Me on “One of my favorite features of NetNewsWire is how it works with a bunch of other desktop apps. The idea is this: news comes in to NetNewsWire, and then you route stuff to wherever it should go.”

Archive Flagged Items from NetNewsWire into Yojimbo

justinwr: “This lil Ruby-OSA script will allow you to import your ‘Flagged Items’ in NetNewsWire as Web Archive Items in Yojimbo. Thus allowing you to save RSS articles for off-line viewing/storage.”

NetNewsWire 3.1 is free (and there’s already a new beta)

Earlier today we released NetNewsWire 3.1—and announced that it, along with other RSS readers from NewsGator, are free. See my post on for more info.

There were a couple bugs that weren’t found until after shipping 3.1, so we released a public beta of 3.1.1b1 on

It fixes a crash-at-startup bug a few people reported, and it fixes a bug where the description view could disappear. (Otherwise 3.1.1b1 is the same as 3.1.)

NetNewsWire + iPhoto

Miraz Jordan writes about how, in NetNewsWire, “it’s easy to add photos from RSS feeds to iPhoto: Control click on the photo and choose Add Image to iPhoto Library from the contextual menu.”

One of my favorite parts of working on NetNewsWire is the connection to other apps: weblog editors such as MarsEdit and ecto, Apple apps like iPhoto, Address Book, and iCal, and apps like VoodooPad and Twitterrific, from my fellow Mac developers.

Shawn Blanc reviews NetNewsWire

Shawn Blanc: “NetNewsWire is arguably the most popular desktop feed reader on the planet.”

Great review—I’m flattered and pleased. Shawn will also be doing reviews of other Mac apps (MarsEdit, Transmit, and others). Coming soon.

NetNewsWire Lite 3.1b1

NetNewsWire Lite iconNetNewsWire Lite 3.1b1 is the first 3.x public beta of NetNewsWire Lite, the freeware version of NetNewsWire.

This version fixes some Leopard compatibilities and adds a Date column and Dinosaurs report.

See for the download and see the announcement on for screenshots.

NetNewsWire 3.1b21: new Combined View, Leopard changes and fixes

NetNewsWire iconNetNewsWire 3.1b21 includes a new Combined View, Leopard changes and fixes, and a bunch of bug fixes.

The new Combined View is designed for better readability and skim-ability. It also breaks lots of news items up into pages, so that performance doesn’t suffer when trying to load hundreds or thousands of items at once.

Leopard changes include things like using the new folder icon in the subscriptions list and using the new dock badge standard.

See for the download and more in-depth change notes. (Yes, NetNewsWire betas now have their own domain name. ;)

Safari/NetNewsWire workflow

Richard Keen: “The script takes the front-most Safari URL (the current tab or window), adds this to NetNewsWire (it will be started in the background if not running) and confirms this via a Growl notification if you have Growl installed.”

jDefault - Image resizing for your NetNewsWire style

Oliver Boermans: “Some of you love the image resizing feature of my NetNewsWire style Ollicle Reflex, but would rather see it in a different style, perhaps one with your own particular CSS tweaks? If this sounds like familiar I’ve made a new NetNewsWire style package especially for you.”

Mail Headline script for NetNewsWire “Mail Headline is a plain-text replacement for the Mail Contents of this News Item command that’s capable of supporting multiple email clients. The contents of the news item are processed with Aaron Swartz’ html2text and converted to Markdown-formatted text. The currently supported email clients include Mailsmith, Entourage, and Mail (if you prefer plain text over rich text for emails).”

NetNewsWire 3.0.1b7

NetNewsWire iconNetNewsWire 3.0.1b7 addresses the top-priority bugs from the 3.0 release.

- Smart lists and searching no longer use Spotlight, which wasn’t working for some people. (However, you can still search news items via the system’s Spotlight search.)

- The Combined View is now based on the version that was in 2.x, since that version doesn’t rely on JavaScript and thus doesn’t crash. There is more to do with the Combined View: pagination (for performance) and UI (to make titles easier to read and make it look cooler).

We’re working on other bugs, too—but these are the highest-priority items.

NetNewsWire 3.0

NetNewsWire iconNetNewsWire 3.0 has been released. New features include Spotlight searching; integration with iCal, Address Book, Twitterrific, and other apps; Growl notifications; clippings (synced or not-synced); tabs-with-thumbnails; microformat detection; automatic update checking; and plenty more.

And, inevitably, we’re already at work on 3.0.1, and will post a beta probably later today. ;)

NetNewsWire 3.0a8: sneak-peek release

NetNewsWire iconNetNewsWire 3.0a8 has bugs and unfinished features, but it’s getting closer to shipping. If you’re comfortable running pre-release software, you can download it.

The change notes page lists what’s new since 3.0d62, the previous sneak-peek release.

Highlights include clippings, going back/forward through news items, hiding read items, a send-to-Twitterrific command, attention report, smaller/bigger text commands, support for microformats (contacts and events), and plenty more (including performance enhancements and lots of bug fixes).

(The change notes page is, as usual, rather long. Some people write novels, others write change notes. ;)

NetNewsWire style: ollicle reflex updated

A cool update to a NetNewsWire style: ollicle reflex now “displays a Tagometer Badge for each viewed news item. This shows you how many users have tagged the news item you are viewing and the top ten tags they used.”

NetNewsWire Style: ReadLight

cleverdevil: “For a while now I have been itching to create a custom stylesheet for NetNewsWire, and I finally found the time to do it. So, I am proud to introduce ReadLight—a NetNewsWire style that attempts to feel like reading from a gorgeous hardcover book.”

NetNewsWire 3.0d62: sneak-peek release

NetNewsWire iconWe just posted a new sneak-peek release of NetNewsWire 3. It’s still not even a beta—it’s still dangerous. You can download it from the beta page. (But really, it is dangerous, and if you’re uncomfortable with unfinished software, please wait for now.)

The change notes page lists what’s new since 3.0d46 (released a month ago). Highlights include automatic updates via Sparkle, choice between vertical and horizontal tabs, tabs export command, hide/show tabs, easy crash reporting, restored enclosures and dinosaurs features, memory use and performance enhancements, cache cleanups, removal of the Bonjour feature, bug fixes, and more.

NetNewsWire 3 beta screencast

David Chartier, The Unofficial Apple Weblog: “The TUAW Podcast is upon us, and for #21 I decided on a screencast of that NetNewsWire 3 beta sneak peek released a couple weeks ago.”

NetNewsWire 3.0d46: sneak-peek release

NetNewsWire iconWe just posted a sneak-peek release of NetNewsWire 3 today. It’s not even a beta yet, and it has bugs, unfinished features, unstarted features, and it still needs more polish and testing. All that said, you can download it from the beta page. ;)

The change notes page lists what’s new since 2.1.1. Highlights include Spotlight searching, new Combined View, feed ‘cover art’, full screen mode, Growl notifications, tabs with thumbnails and animations, the ability to choose a folder when subscribing, hiding/showing the subscriptions list, and lots more.

I’ll be writing more about it on Here’s the initial post and here’s a post on a hidden pref for a monochrome toolbar.

FeedLight NetNewsWire Style

BrokenLogic: “There are two variations of FeedLight, one for use with the Aqua Mac OS X appearance, and another for the Graphite appearance.”

Spotlight+wrap NetNewsWire Style

Wolf: “Much to my surprise, my favorite NetNewsWire style is Spotlight... Since I’ve been happy with the Spotlight style for so long, and it looks like this relationship is a long-term one, I decided to put some time into enhancing it a mite: Spotlight+wrap.nnwstyle.”

Adding Yahoo! Saving Tools to NetNewsWire

Micah Laaker: “Now, when I find an RSS feed item or browse to a page that I want to save to one of these services, I can simply select my script in the NetNewsWire script menu.”

Two scripts: one for adding to MyWeb, one for Bookmarks 2.0.

NetNewsWire Style: Samurai Coder v2

Takaaki Kato updated the Samurai Coder NetNewsWire style: it’s more compact and includes ad-blocking code.

Lucida Complete - NetNewsWire Style “Lucida Complete does two things: it presents the reader with absolutely nothing but text in a drastically-simple, attractive format; and shows the complete breadth of information available from NetNewsWire (feed info).”

Last Days of $10 off Sale Price

Just a reminder: NewsGator products (including NetNewsWire) are $10 off through the month of December. December is almost over, and I don’t want anyone thinking of buying to miss out on the sale—hence this reminder. ;)

ollicle: Reflex for NetNewsWire

Oliver Boermans: “This style is designed to maximise legibility rather than add distracting ‘style’ to your feed reading. Those who like a bit of colour and visual impact in their feed reading will appreciate it’s smart handling of full size photographs and comics.”

Spotlight+wrap NetNewsWire Style “Since I’ve been happy with the Spotlight style for so long, and it looks like this relationship is a long-term one, I decided to put some time into enhancing it a mite: Spotlight+wrap.nnwstyle.”

NetNewsWire Style: Samurai Coder

Samurai Coder “is quite simple a style with no graphics. Every meta content (such as source, poster’s name, tags/categories/subject and a link to comments) is located on top, packed in a compact yet readable space.”

Scripts for Yojimbo, and NetNewsWire integration

Hawk Wings: “On the Yojimbo mailing list, Dylan Damian shared two applescripts that help to integrate the new tagging feature of Yojimbo 1.3 with and NetNewsWire.”

Holiday discount: $10 off NewsGator products

NewsGator Daily: “To take advantage, all you have to do is enter the promo code NGHoliday in the shopping cart, and you’ll get $10 off any NewsGator product, including the new version of FeedDemon and NewsGator Go for Windows Mobile, throughout the month of December. Buy two and you get $20 off.”

The sale includes NetNewsWire too, of course: at $10 off it’s just $19.95.

1Passwd 2.1 Brings Support For NetNewsWire Browser

David Teare: “1Passwd version 2.1 was released today sporting a new logo, NetNewsWire support and a tonne of new features and improvements.”

Build a Blogroll with NetNewsWire and AppleScript

mere cat: “I’ve been using this thing for a while to build my blogroll and thought I’d share. An AppleScript reads your feeds in NNW and creates an unordered list for each group of feeds (if any), nesting them as required.”

NetNewsWire 3.0d7 super early sneak peak

See for a super-early sneak peek release of NetNewsWire 3.0. It’s not even a beta yet—it’s definitely a work in progress, with a bunch of features and bug fixes still to come. But it has a rewritten Combined View that is very much an improvement over the old one. (NetNewsWire 3.0 will be a free upgrade.)

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