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Shorter Shortcuts

Many commands have shortcuts in the menu. But some commands have other, even shorter shortcuts. And there are a few things that don’t appear in menus. Here’s a list.

Feeds list

'expand all
;collapse all
cmd-rightArrowexpand folder
cmd-leftArrowcollapse folder (or collapse to parent)
rightArrowmove to article list

The feeds list also responds to type-ahead — that is, you can start typing the name of the feed or folder you want to select.

Article list

spacescroll article, or go to next unread
shift-spacescroll article up
'go to next unread
b, v, rightArrow, enter, returnopen link
aadd a feed
mmark an article read or unread

Also, you can open a blank browser page by typing cmd-L.

Web page

leftArrowreturn to article list
spacescroll page down
shift-spacescroll page up
cmd-[go back
cmd-]go forward