Last update: 9/23/09 10:56 PM

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How do I hide feeds I don’t want to read on the iPhone?

At the bottom of the Feeds screen it says “Show/Hide Feeds.” Tap it to get a list of feeds. Tap a feed to hide it.

How do I make news items go from oldest to newest?

NetNewsWire settings are in the Settings application, since they are things you probably won’t change often.

One of the settings allows you to change the sort order from newest-at-top to oldest-at-top.

Is the unread badge gone?

It is — though me may make it an option.

We’ve found that a lot of people really can’t stand having an unread badge. It just stresses them out. It’s one more thing to clear. We totally understand.

However, we’re gathering feedback about this and other features, and we’re finding there are some people who really, really want the unread badge. So there’s a good chance it will come back, but you’d have to turn it on.

But wait, I have an unread badge... but it seems stuck...

Some people upgrading have a left-over unread badge from NetNewsWire 1.0.x. This didn't happen in our testing or to any of our beta testers, so we didn’t catch it. It will be fixed in 2.0.1.

Why is it starred items on the iPhone and flagged items on the Mac?

We’ll probably change it to starred items on the Mac, too. It’s the exact same thing, though, just a different name.

Will you be adding Google sharing? Notes? Liking? Other Google Reader features?

We’re listening very closely to find out which Google Reader features are most important to the most people. We haven’t settled on a specific plan yet, because we’re still learning about what people want most.

But yes, in general, we do plan to support more Google Reader features.

Why no mark-unread command?

We prefer starred items — it’s a more-reliable way of keeping items. Google Reader automatically marks items as read after a period of time, and there’s no way to mark them unread once that happens.

However, we’ve had a bunch of requests for this — it’s become the one super-obvious thing to do for a future release.

Where do I ask more questions, report bugs, make feature requests?

See the NetNewsWire for iPhone forum.

Does this app use Core Data?

Okay, only developers have asked this question. ;) But yes, it does.