Projects by Brent Simmons

Brent Simmons has been blogging for 20 years. He makes open source Mac apps and lives in sunny, lovely Seattle.


NetNewsWire for Mac icon: globe with a satellite in the foreground.

Free and open source RSS reader for Mac, with an iOS version in progress.

Free and open source database, scripting system, and development environment for Mac with easy ties to the web. Not even close to shipping yet.


Brent writes about Mac and iOS development. And other things. Since 1999.

Brent’s microblog, where he posts small things.


The Record
Brent’s and Chris Parrish’s podcast brings you the stories you should know about the Mac and iOS development community in Seattle. (Not currently active, though.)

Identical Cousins
Brent and Michael Simmons talk about making apps. All done after 24 episodes. :)

Contacting Brent

You can email brent@ranchero.com, or DM him @brentsimmons on Twitter.

For more history, see Apps I’ve Made on Brent’s blog.