Open Source RSS Class for Cocoa

All of this code is really, really old! And not very good! You’re better off looking somewhere else!

Download RSSInspector 1.0b1.

What it is

It’s a simple Open Source (BSD license) app with source code that includes a class for parsing RSS feeds.

This same RSS class is used in NetNewsWire and MacNewsWire.

Here’s a screen shot of the app itself. You type in a URL, then the app downloads and parses the RSS and displays the parsed contents.


There isn’t any, yet—but the RSS class is easy to use, and the app shows how to parse a feed and access the data it contains.

What about Carbon?

RSS is parsed using CoreFoundation routines—which means that it should be possible to adapt this for Carbon. Though I probably won’t do it, if you do, you’re totally encouraged (though not required) to send me your changes so I can add it to the release.

Change notes

1.0b1: 2 August 2002.

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