NetNewsWire More news, less junk. Faster.

NetNewsWire 5.0 is a free and open source feed reader for macOS.

It’s so basic it’s not even funny. By design.

It’s also at a very early stage — we use it, but we don’t expect other people to use it yet. It’s not actually shipping.

Nevertheless, you can:

To Do

Again — it’s barely usable at this point. Not even that. It’s not beta — it’s not even alpha.

What remains to be done is pretty much obvious. Tons of stuff.

However, a few notes about the future:

Technical Notes

NetNewsWire supports RSS, Atom, JSON Feed, and RSS-in-JSON.

NetNewsWire requires macOS 10.14.

About Using the Code

You’re free to use the code and make your own app, even on iOS. It’s MIT-licensed. Just give us credit and call it something besides NetNewsWire.

In fact, please do use any or all of this code. If you can learn from it — things to do or things not to do — then great! Creating a full-featured example Mac app of use to other developers is one of our goals.

Most of the code is written in Swift. Some older parts, particularly in the frameworks, are written in Objective-C. We think this is one of the largest open source Mac apps written mostly in Swift.

NetNewsWire History

The app was started in 2002. After a couple acquisitions, it returned to its original home — right here — on August 31, 2018.

How to contact us

You can reach the developer @brentsimmons on, make bugs and feature requests on the bug tracker, or send email to Brent Simmons (brent at the domain for this site).