Evergreen Is Now NetNewsWire

Evergreen is now NetNewsWire! Read all about it on Brent’s blog.

Sync Design

Evergreen 1.0d33: Send to MarsEdit

Check for Updates or download the latest. MarsEdit now appears in the sharing menu in the toolbar.

More details on inessential.com.

Evergreen 1.0d32: Send to Micro.blog

The latest build adds a send-to-Micro.blog feature. More details on inessential.com.

On Putting Off Features Till 2.0

See inessential.com for Evergreen Diary #3: On Punting.

Evergreen 1.0d26

If you’re already running Evergreen, you can check for updates. Or you can download the latest build.

New command - Mark Older as Read

This new command marks as read everything in the current timeline that’s older than the selected article.

This command is also available as a keyboard shortcut: the o key. (Lowercase Oh, not zero.)

Share toolbar button

It works, sort-of. Has issues. But you can share things. Sort-of-ish.


Fix an infinite loop that could happen when going to next unread.

Use standard folder icons (instead of nothing) in the the main sidebar and the sidebar in the Feed Directory.

Fix OPML export bug — the OPML is now valid.

Fix bug sizing the Keyboard Shortcuts window on a small screen.

Make Mark as Starred command not doing anything (for now) — it was doing the wrong thing.

Move Keyboard Shortcuts menu item to the Help menu.

Use semantic markup in the Keyboard Shortcuts HTML. Courtesy of ePirat.

Return to the normal app icon. Until next year.

Validate unread counts on fetching articles without having to hit the database for the validation.

Restore window size/position and splitview position in the Feeds Directory window between runs.


We published the Evergreen roadmap today — it covers 1.0 and 2.0.

(What’s beyond 2.0? We haven’t even thought about it much yet.)

If there’s anything missing, or if you have questions, post to the bug tracker or ask on Twitter.

Inching Toward Usability

While there is still so much to do — GitHub says we’re just 36% of the way (at this writing) toward completing the 1.0 alpha milestone — Evergreen is getting closer and closer to actually usable.

The latest build (1.0d25) adds keyboard shortcuts, so you can (for instance) go through all your news via the space bar. (You can read about how we got this to work.) You can hit k to mark all as read, and so on.

(For a complete list, open the Window menu and choose Keyboard Shortcuts.)

If you want to try it out, you can download the latest build.

Note: in the Help menu is a Bug Tracker item — use that to report bugs and make feature requests. (It goes to Evergreen’s bug tracker on GitHub.)