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NetNewsWire 5 for iPhone and iPad Help

Getting Started

What is RSS? What are feeds?

Moving from another RSS app


Add and manage syncing accounts

Local accounts: On My iPhone and On My iPad

How to import feeds from other apps with OPML

Reading Feeds

How to go through your articles

Using filters to hide read and empty feeds

How to sort the timeline

Smart feeds: Today, All Unread, Starred

Keyboard shortcuts

Sharing to other apps

Be notified of new articles

Managing Feeds

How to add a feed

Using the Share Extension to add feeds

How to delete feeds and folders

How to add special feeds

How to rename feeds and folders

How to get and copy feed information

How to export feeds with OPML

Need more help?

Get more help using NetNewsWire

The NetNewsWire Project

How to get NetNewsWire news

NetNewsWire TestFlight program

NetNewsWire and your privacy

How to contribute to NetNewsWire