NetNewsWire 5 for Mac Help

Keyboard shortcuts

NetNewsWire’s interface is easily navigable using keyboard shortcuts.

The most useful shortcuts are for reading articles: space to scroll articles and jump to the next unread one, or n to jump immediately to the next unread article. There’s also b to open the article in your browser (the Return or Enter keys work too).

In-app list of keyboard shortcuts

A comprehensive list of NetNewsWire’s keyboard shortcuts is always accessible to you in NetNewsWire. Just click on Help → Keyboard Shortcuts in the menu bar.

The list opens in a separate window which you can leave open to remind you of the keys to press. You’ll be a NetNewsWire keyboard magician in no time.

Do I need to use the Command key?

No, the Command (⌘) key isn’t required for these advanced keyboard shortcuts – just press the key by itself.

NetNewsWire’s keyboard shortcuts

Many of NetNewsWire’s shortcuts work from anywhere in the app. Others only work when a certain pane is active and highlighted.

Everywhere in NetNewsWire
Scroll or go to next unread space
Go to next unread n or +
Mark as read r
Mark all as read k
Mark older articles as read o
Mark all as read, go to next unread l
Mark as unread, go to next unread m
Mark as unread u
Open in browser b or ⏎ or Enter
Previous subscription a
Next subscription z
Feed list (left pane)
Collapse , or ⌥+←
Expand . or ⌥+→
Collapse All (except for group items) ; or ⌥+⌘+←
Expand All ' or ⌥+⌘+→
Move focus to headlines
Article list timeline (centre pane)
Move focus to subscriptions
Move focus to detail
Article reader (right pane)
Move focus to headlines