NetNewsWire 5 for Mac Help

Renaming feeds and folders

The feeds you subscribe to publish a title for their site or feed. This is usually the name of the site or the author. Other feed titles may be unusually or unhelpfully long. Or, worst case, the title is completely wrong.

On the other hand, you may want to remember a site by something other than its title: Indian Recipes rather than Manjula’s Kitchen.

To get around these situations, NetNewsWire allows you to ignore the site’s title and use your own. You can change the title when you add the feed, or any time later.

When adding a feed

Your first opportunity to rename a feed comes when you add it to NetNewsWire. Unless you added it through Safari, you might not know the feed’s published title yet. Regardless, before you click Add, you can enter your own name for it. Bon appétit !

Editing titles after adding a feed or folder

You can edit a feed or folder’s name any time using the Rename command or by using the Inspector.

Renaming using the contextual menu item

  1. Control-click on the feed or folder in the sidebar
  2. Choose Rename and enter the new name

Renaming using the Inspector

  1. Select the feed or folder in the sidebar
  2. Choose Window → Info from the menu bar
  3. Enter the new name and press Return