NetNewsWire 5 for Mac Help

Installing and using the Safari Extension to add feeds

NetNewsWire provides a Safari Extension which adds a Subscribe to Feed button to your Safari toolbar. This allows you to quickly add a site’s feed without entering an address manually into NetNewsWire.

Installing the NetNewsWire Safari Extension

The Safari Extension is installed automatically with NetNewsWire. However, it must be enabled before you can use it.

You will enable the extension in Safari:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Click on the Safari menu and choose Preferences… (⌘-,)
  3. Click the Extensions panel
  4. From the list, click the checkbox beside Subscribe to Feed to enable the extension
  5. Close the Preferences window

Once this is done, the Subscribe to Feed button will be added to your Safari toolbar.

Adding a feed using the Safari Extension

For any site that advertises its feeds, you can use the ‘Subscribe to Feed’ button. Clicking it send the feed’s address to NetNewsWire where you can set options like an alternative feed name, and the account and folder where it will be stored.

If the Subscribe to Feed button isn’t working

The Subscribe to Feed button will only be enabled for sites that advertise their feeds in their code. If the button is greyed out and disabled, NetNewsWire wasn’t able to find any feeds automatically.

You may be able to find a feed manually by visiting the site. There, look for a link to an RSS, Atom or JSON feed. If one exists, you can add this URL to NetNewsWire directly. Right-click on the link and copy the URL to paste into NetNewsWire.