NetNewsWire 5 for Mac Help

How to Update NetNewsWire

NetNewsWire can check for and install updated versions of itself. This can be done for you automatically in the background, or you can check for updates manually.

Automatic checks for updates

After you’ve used NetNewsWire a bit, it will ask if it should periodically check for updates.

A screenshot of NetNewsWire asking if it should automatically check for updates.

If you select Check Automatically, NetNewsWire will periodically check for updates. When an update is available, you’ll be prompted to download and install it. To check for updates manually, select Don’t Check.

If you change your mind later, you can switch update checking on or off in the Advanced pane of NetNewsWire’s preferences.

A screenshot of NetNewsWire’s Advanced preferences pane, highlighting the app update checking preference.

Manually checking for updates

You may have declined automatic checks for updates or just read about a great new update you want to download immediately. You can always check for updates manually by choosing NetNewsWireCheck for Updates… from the menu bar.

If a new update is found, NetNewsWire can download and install it for you.

Test build updates

If you want to help test new features, or just want to be at the bleeding edge, you can tell NetNewsWire to download Test builds. If you prefer to just get on with reading, selecting Release builds is the best option.

A screenshot of NetNewsWire’s Advanced preferences pane, highlighting the option to download release builds or test builds of NetNewsWire.

If you use test builds, please note: Test builds may have bugs. You may lose data. NetNewsWire may crash.

You can report bugs and enhancement requests by filing issues on the NetNewsWire GitHub page. You can also share and discuss issues on the NetNewsWire Slack group.


When checking for updates, whether automatically or manually, no personally-identifiable information is collected – not even an anonymous system profile. For more information about your privacy and NetNewsWire, please see the NetNewsWire Privacy Policy.